Since creating this post, has been re-branded as BetterStack and the website has changed considerably

To be completely honest, not sure why I did this. Just thought it would be cool to create a programming timelapse. As such, when creating this website, I recorded my process from start to finish.

What you are about to see is uncut footage, including all my silly mistakes and unexpected hurdles.

With all the road bumps, the process took a lot longer than expected. I initially thought it would take 2-3 hours. Overall, it ended up taking around 7-8 hours. Just like 90% of software projects.

Last thing to say, the site's design today is very different to what it was this was filmed. Even the domain name has changed. So what you are seeing was how the blog was initially constructed.

So without further to do, here is the video.

Main technologies used in creating this website

See the up to date code for this entire website at